Mission Statement

GreenTrust Token is a cryptocurrency focused on ecological and environmental responsibility. The project aims to create a cryptocurrency that is not only decentralized and secure, but also takes into consideration the environmental impact of the technology.

Take Action:

Are you passionate about cryptocurrency and the environment? Do you want to help build a greener future? Together, we can create a sustainable and responsible cryptocurrency that benefits both people and the planet.

Climate Change
Food Security
Marine Life

Environmental Facts

Learn more about the world you live in, its weaknesses, and threats that people create for it daily
Eco Facts

27,000 trees are cut down each day for toilet paper.

Eco Facts

Chewing gum takes 5 years to decompose.

Eco Facts

Each ton of aviation fuel takes 3.15 tons of CO2 to produce.

Eco Facts

1 liter of used engine oil can pollute 1 million liters of water.

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